7 Traits All Good Personal Trainers Should Possess
Abs exercise by personnel trainer

You might be wondering what characteristics make an excellent personal trainer. An initial response would be someone who is experienced. Honestly, that is the minimum requirement, but we will give you the intangibles.

If you are genuinely willing to assist your client, you must have the following traits listed below. There’s no need to worry if you find yourself checking just a couple of these. The important thing is an excellent personal trainer knows how to appreciate their client’s hard work and determination. 

Building a career in the fitness industry is challenging as you will be the one to create plans for your client’s diet and workout schedules, whether they are trying to gain weight or lose cellulite. Here are some traits you must know to set a goal as a successful personal trainer.

1. Effective Communicator

Hollywood films may preach extroverts have more room to occupy as personal trainers. Luckily, that is not the case. It is more of a stereotype than a good explanation, thus gatekeeping a lot of ‘not outgoing people.

To hit the aim of being a high-powered PT certainly does not stop even if you are an introverted person. Despite what everyone would spit out, a perfect person for the role doesn’t just exist.

Keep in mind that you need to communicate effectively. Understand your client’s aspirations, information, and specific goals. You should listen more and talk less.

It is a given that you want to help your client by fixing their routines and how their body’s metabolism works. These skills are essential, especially if they are new to exercising. 

You, as their PT, should use the communication channels properly, whether it is onsite or through emails, phone calls, or text.

2. Knowledgeable

The most obvious item on this list is to be educated. Knowledge is essential in the fitness industry you want to embark in. To be a certified personal trainer in Australia, you must complete Certificate III & IV classes in Fitness leadership. 

Earn a good reputation by knowing how to mesh particular diets and restrictions to an individual. One training plan may work for others, but it does not automatically mean that it will work on another.

Fitness is dynamic and not just about burning fats. PTs work around the clock to learn and apply their knowledge.

3. Passionate

There’s no question that in any field that you enter, you must be passionate. It is not enough that you like what you do. You need to have the drive and own your role.

How can you handle clients following their exercise plans if you cannot get into it yourself? Bring sunshine every time you arrive at work, and you will be surprised by the results you pour your energy into.

If you want your clients to love what they are doing, you should accompany them on their journey. Every step of the way, there is a chance they might give up, and there is no other person to tell them to keep going but you. 

If you love what you’re doing, enjoy every bit of it, and it would not feel like a heavy load. Plus, having this trait is a promotion to being an excellent personal trainer.

4. Patient

Patience is indeed a virtue, as the old folks would say. As a personal trainer, you will deal with people of all chronological ages. They have different attitudes; they might even get into your nerves. After all, they are still human.

Your job here is to lengthen your patience because it is impossible to meet stubborn clients. Not only that, but it may also take weeks or even months for them to achieve their ideal body. Therefore, know that frustration is a part of their feelings. Remember to always honor their progress, not their hints of mistakes. 

5. Professional

A friendly face in the gym is the best thing your client will ever encounter, so they feel comfortable doing their tasks. The value of trust is established when you make a good impression on them for being approachable.

With that said, you still need to mark boundaries between you and your client. Be professional when you work with them — helping them lose calories is your job, anyway.

Stick with minimal talks with more exercise. Don’t get us wrong, being friendly is a vital qualification, but you still need to push them to their dream bodies. Your Newcastle personal trainers at Sculpt and Flow Fitness are more than glad to help you.

6. Honest

In recent years, the standard for body beauty is becoming high on a rooftop pedestal. Many individuals will seek to look like a celebrity. Now, your words as a PT should remain in a positive mindset.

At the same time, you should tell them realistic goals. Never set false hopes for them because it will pose unhealthy repercussions for them. A good personal trainer knows how to say, “it depends” instead of recklessly spewing the “You Can Do It, No Matter What” phrase.

7. Exemplary Teacher

Like any other professionals, personal trainers are not all-knowing. Have the guts to say you do not know about a specific topic. It may sound contradictory to having the knowledge, but honestly, you cannot remember everything in one snap.

As they say, experience is the best teacher. Consider taking courses in the vocational background to kickstart your leadership skills. You should be able to pour down your knowledge articulately.


If these qualities are in line with you, go pursue your career as a personal trainer. If you already are one, then we are happy to share this helpful article with you!