About Us

Personal Trainer

Chris Massey

My fitness career started in London with my first personal training client in 1996. Close to 3 decades later, and after training people all over the world, I’ve come to realise that generally fitness goals for most walks of life, globally, they all remain the same. Exercising with good technique is up there. We want to be pain free and to perform functional movement with relative ease. So a big tick to injury prevention. We would also like to look good.

So vanity, no surprise really, most probably tops it all along with ‘losing the wobbly bits’ and ‘looking hot’! In every client I’ve worked with the desire to live a healthy lifestyle is ultimately what they want to achieve. Move more, eat right = happy days. Simple. If it was only that easy. The mental game is where the magic is. The engine room that controls your body. If you get it right upstairs in that head of yours, and work on it consistently, well after that everything else will fall into place. That’s where I come in. Sure we can move stuff around and throw dumbbells at each other, but I’m here to help coach you. That’s what I do. In fact it’s what we do with our coaches here at Sculpt and Flow. Get inside that head of yours. Make you accountable. As a team we make it work. Oh and the other thing is, as a ‘dinosaur’ that has lasted this long in the fitness industry, old fashioned values still remain. Customer service is an important cog in this business. So is passion. I’m absolutely passionate about helping people better their life through health and wellness. So does smiling and having fun.

See simple really!

Personal Trainer

Rebecca Aswani

My journey in holistic fitness began in 2002 in London. I have been fortunate to teach in a number of cities including Melbourne and New York as a Classical Pilates instructor. I am a mother of two toddlers and now more than ever, I like to help you to tap into your intuition, your gut feeling and your power by sharing my knowledge and experience of Forrest Inspired and Power Vinyasa Yoga with you.

No matter where I’ve worked and with whom, my instinct tells me that within the hectic pace of life everyone benefits in taking a moment to breathe.

With eighteen years of experience I offer my clients a genuine and kind welcome. We have fun together, work hard as a team and empower you to achieve awesome results.

Sometimes this is by going for it through a dynamic, high energy based flow and at other times, its by pulling back, keeping still and finding ultimate strength through stillness.

Sculpt and Flow Fitness Studio

Our Studio

Our studio is situated in the heart of the up and coming Steel River Estate in Mayfield West. 

Featuring high ceilings and a mezzanine floor you can expect a warehouse and open plan feel. 

An 8 minute drive from town brings you to this contemporary estate making it the perfect get away from the city hub to the training buzz.

yoga mez at pilates studio - reformer pilates: classes for full body workout newcastle nsw

Yoga Mezzanine

Our Yoga Mezzanine is where to head for all of our Yoga and Pilates mat classes. This light, bright and earthy space will literally lift you up and out of your day. With a quiet and powerful ceiling fan and direct view to our outdoor garden through our floor to ceiling roller door, you can enjoy practicing inside whilst we bring the outside to you.

Sculpt and Flow Fitness Studio

Sculpt Zone

Welcome to Sculpt and Flow’s Sculpt Zone. On our ground floor, this intimate yet spacious area hosts all of our PT one and one sessions and Small Group Training classes. With plenty of ventilation this distinctly sophisticated space allows you to train hard yet with the ease and comfort of being right next to our private car parking facilities and restrooms – perfect if you are running to a tight schedule!