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Originally designed in the 1920s by Mr Joseph Pilates himself and named – ‘The Art of Contrology’ this authentic and powerful exercise system is still pioneering its way through the health and fitness world today.

As Mr Pilates did not copyright his name you will find endless types of Pilates systems demonstrating their style and take on this Classical system such as, Power Pilates, Dynamic Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Stott Pilates, Polestar Pilates, Windsor Pilates, Fletcher Pilates and the list goes on and on.

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Here at Sculpt and Flow Fitness we are are true believers of the Pilates system in its authenticity – the beliefs and passions behind how it was originally created. This means fundamentally we start with your core.


We find correct activation and build on this to create incredible core strength before we move to the outer peripheries such as the shoudlers and the arms.


We believe in flow and integration so the transitions between exercises are just as key as the exercises in themselves for control, awareness and a cardio workout.

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This system provides us with a really strong base and understanding from which to grow our practice and to take into all our other exercise systems and day to day life, to ensure that we are working from a strong and safely activated core. It is modifiable and versatile enough to satisfy and strengthen right from the absolute beginner, to the weight lifter or gym enthusiast to dancer and gymnast.

Group classes at pilates studio - pilates reformer : classes newcastle nsw

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