Kate: Mother of a three and one year old working full time

Doing Bex’s classes has given me the opportunity to do something beneficial for myself inside and out. I feel physically stronger and more aware of how my body and I are responding to any situation. I have been able to focus on returning to physical activity I actually enjoy. After 2 close births, I was nervous of doing anything that would hinder recovery or put pressure on my pelvic floor & abdominal separation. I have found Bex’s classes teach me powerful ways to support and enhance this recovery. My pelvic floor and abdominals are light years better than between my births, even prior to pregnancy.

Bex taught me how to really use my breath. I also learnt how to redirect and focus on my intentions and reactions. Awareness of the muscles I tend to use as a default, and what to engage or relax in response to this. These have all been very powerful outside of my practice.

The way Bex delivers her classes is very intuitive. She is able to articulate and bring awareness to how we might be doing something in a “default” manner (i.e. using ‘x’ muscles, contracting something in an unhelpful way); then offer realistic achievable alternatives. I feel like my practice has benefitted immensely from the way Bex teaches  & truely believe others will find this too. There is no wankery or elitism. Bex’s classes are accessible, modifiable and as challenging as I’d like to make it regardless of level of expertise.

Lauren: Mother of a three and nearly one year old working full time

As a beginner to Pilates I have found that by attending Bex’s online classes I have already achieved improvement in my posture, relaxation of tension held within my upper back, shoulders and neck (due to breast feeding) increased body awareness, improved concentration and a decrease in stress levels. As I continue ongoing Pilates sessions with Bex I am confident that I will improve strength within my pelvic floor muscles and notice some more physical improvements.

The first and the most important thing I learned from Bex’s classes was how important it is to breathe. Breathing allows the body to relax, relieves tension and tight muscles whilst allowing the mind to focus on the body. In the beginning this was something that I kept forgetting to do as I found myself holding my breath without realising. Taking the time to practise my breathing has definitely allowed me to slow down, relax and focus on each movement and my body.

The second and equally important thing I have learned is how important it is to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. I’m the type of person who always forgets to do my pelvic floor exercises however since having my second baby I have realised how weak my muscles have become due to child birth and not doing enough pelvic floor exercises prior to giving birth. As the pelvic floor muscles are the foundation for the core of the body, Bex incorporates a lot of pelvic floor exercises within her Pilates sessions. I have found that as a beginner in Pilates since commencing Bex’s classes I am remembering to do my exercises more often in the hope to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles.

Bex delivers an amazing work out in every class. You can feel how passionate Bex is as she is knowledgeable and helpful, and will help you with adjustments specifically tailored to you to benefit you. I appreciate the way she takes it slow and explains which muscles you are trying to target in each move. Attending Bex’s online Pilates classes has helped improved my posture, mood and overall body. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a healthier life!

Tara: Professional Woman  

One of the biggest things that I took from Bex classes was how much emphasis she put on technique and correctly engaging my core. I now find myself automatically applying this during all my other exercises too. I am really happy with my results from taking part in Bex classes.  I feel and look so much stronger in my core now. 

I really enjoyed Bex classes and her teaching style, which made it easy to stay consistent and stay on top of my goals as I looked forward to the new classes every week. You come away with so much more than just having done a work out and all the knowledge I gained from her classes really complimented my other workouts too. 

Bex’s Yoga classes are a perfect mix of centering and empowering. I always walk away feeling really positive, capable and strong after a class.  There are always lots of options and variations available for every level.

Her teaching style is a great mix of humour, focus, knowledge and encouragement. 

I was excited to hear that Bex was offering online classes and I could continue during lockdown. I had not done much Pilates in the past but it was such great value to do both classes, I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad I did as it me taught me a lot about correct techniques I now find myself more mindful of when doing other exercises. 

I can happily say that I came out of COVID fitter than what I was before.

Liana: Mother of an eight and seven year old working part time

I would recommend training with Bex if you are looking for the ultimate combination of strength and flexibility, if you want to progress in your practice and if you want to work hard while still maintaining a practice that is conscious of the body’s needs.

I learnt how to adapt my training to incorporate the principles of Yoga in other forms of training. I have been able to progress in my transitions between poses and into more advanced poses.

The changes in my body include increased flexibility, core strength and body awareness.  And what everyone wants- a smaller waist and legs!