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There is a reason Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise that is still practiced today. At over 5000 years old this type of physical and mental workout has the ability to permeate the physical body right down to a cellular level, hence its ability to heal, and also to transcend its way past the logics of the mind, to the human spirit. 
This type of ‘connection’, ‘buzz’, ‘Yoga glow’, whatever you like to call it, can literally bring a sense of magic and wonder to a persons life as they start to encompass their own ability to create strength physically and mentally aswell as increasing their awareness and mindfulness of their senses and ability to tap into their ‘feelings’ or ‘consciousness’ – (matters governed by the heart) over and above logic and systems – (matters governed by the brain and sadly more and more – technology).
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This is how many can literally experience life epiphanies, as through opening up the body, we free up space in the mind. When we free up space in the mind we are able to see things differently, more clearly. We are able to shift our perspective and the lense we use to observe the world around us aswell as the world within us.

Yoga Class Newcastle

At Sculpt and Flow Fitness, we believe that the shapes we make in a Yoga class are a ‘way in’, a ‘tool’ as such to help you dive into whatever you feel comfortable to. We can work purely physically, for example on ‘stretching the hips’ and be guided around that goal purely through looking at our physicality. By the same token, we may choose to relate ‘releasing the hips’ to ‘letting go’ of a mental or emotional event that is getting in our way or holding us back – (Yoga theory suggests that the hips are the body’s emotional storage centres). Approaching physical work like this can have a very powerful impact on our results, as the body and mind are so closely related.
We believe in the authenticity and noncompetitive nature of Yoga which is why our classes are open to everyone and are free from levels of ‘skill’ or ‘experience’. Our yoga classes incorporate the flow of Power Yoga with the invitation to explore on a mental level (Forrest Inspired Yoga) to intuitively provide the best possible experience for our clients on any given day.