Personal Training Newcastle

"Training at Sculpt and Flow in Mayfield, Newcastle is more than just exercise, it is a lifestyle choice."

If you prefer to exercise without the gym crowd and want results – it’s a no brainer really, personal training is for you! 

Your coach will professionally design a program to guide you through every session.

These workouts will ensure you obviously work up a sweat. However you may even have a little fun and a laugh! Expect a variety of exercises and every session is different in order to keep your muscles and your brain stimulated. 

Accountability is important to ensure you remain consistent with your workouts. Your coach will meet you on time, every time to provide a pathway to your goals.

The highest level of care and support to get those results faster works in line with injury prevention.

Each personal training session will be carried out in the studio providing comfort and safety. 

Knowledge is power. What better way to learn everything you can in order to live a healthy lifestyle? You are able to pick your coach’s brain for healthy tips and fitness ideas?

They will educate and motivate you with all things to do with movement, nutrition and the big one, mindset!

Book in now. You won’t be disappointed.


Although your Newcastle personal trainer at Sculpt and Flow can provide you with guidance and encouragement during your training program, you need to be motivated in order to meet fitness goals. The best personal trainer will always help you set realistic goals and do their very best to help you stick to them. With a highly personalised plan in place, all the tools are there for you to give it your very best shot. Set realistic goals, monitor your progress in conjunction with your personal trainer and you will hit your goals, regardless of how long it takes.

"Structured Support"

Of course, if you do have any queries or concerns, either prior to, or during to your tailored training sessions, your personal trainer in Newcastle will be there for you. As a dedicated professional, they will do all in their power to help you hit your fitness goals and get you to where you want to be, in a safe and structured manner. Your personal trainer will also be able to give you advice on how to avoid and recover from niggling injuries that may impede your progress.

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